Growing Soft Red Wheat for The Birkett Mills

Wheat growers play a critical role in the food supply chain, and are imperative for The Birkett Mills to continue milling high-quality soft red wheat products that are enjoyed by consumers across the world. The Birkett Mills is committed to sourcing its wheat from New York growers and we’d love to be your local partner.

Why Partner with The Birkett Mills

  • Real-time competitive pricing: No matter the marketing cycle we work to make sure local farmers get the best price possible
  • Booking flexibility: Futures pricing, storage options and real-time basis quotes are available options to meet your needs
  • Close proximity: With mills in Penn Yan and King Ferry, we’re conveniently located and just a quick (and scenic) drive away
  • Quick payment: We’re committed to paying local farmers on time and with confidence

Tips for Better Wheat Production

  • Test your soil: A soil test prior to planting will help determine the need to correct pH and the potential yield response of wheat to various fertilizer products.
  • Use starter fertilizer: If you are not using a starter fertilizer, then you are leaving about 8 bushels on the table. Phosphorous is important for wheat to be successful, and it needs about 15 pounds. Follow your soil sample recommendations and remember wheat grows best at a pH around 6.3.
  • Weed management: Winter annual weeds are the most prevalent weed competitors for our winter wheat. Chickweed, purple dead nettle, shepherd’s purse, corn chamomile and others in the mustard family emerge right along with the wheat crop in the fall and can really pull down yields. Be sure to research the best weed management tools available for your crop and soil.
  • Planting depth: Make sure your wheat berries are getting at least 1 to 1.5 inches into the ground. Why? If you don’t go deep enough, your root system doesn’t develop deep enough into the soil, which helps anchor the plant to aide in winter survival.

New York State Grown & Certified

The Birkett Mills is committed to sourcing 100% of its soft red wheat from New York farmers! In fact, it is the only mill in New York State that is producing New York State Grown & Certified conventional flour. New York State Grown & Certified makes it easier for consumers to identify local, safely-handled, and environmentally responsible agricultural products.

If you’d like to discuss partnering with us on our New York State Grown & Certified program, send us an email.

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