What makes baking so special is that it’s a beautiful dance between the chef, the recipe and the ingredients. It’s science and creativity melded together. At The Birkett Mills, we want to make sure your kitchen is stocked with the specialty flours you need to get the job done.

It all starts with what grows in the soil. Our high quality, soft red winter wheat is sourced from family farms across New York, many that we’ve worked with for generations. Everything is grown with care, pride and dedication.

Once it’s at the mill, we tap into 220 years of custom milling experience to produce delicious, unique specialty flours. Every baker’s needs are different, so our millers use an artisanal, hands-on approach to finely mill to exact specifications, each and every time. Plus, we can mill organic or conventional flours!

Specialty Flour Product Guide

Pastry Flour

This unbleached pastry flour, which is Birkett’s best seller, is perfect for chewy cookies, flaky pie crusts, delicious tender scones and more! To create such a versatile blend, the bran and germ are removed to give a lighter, more delicate textured flour.

Cake Flour

A fluffy, light flour that is perfect for tender cakes, pie crusts and more. It’s a low ash and low protein flour is bleached for a bright, white finish. With the bran and germ removed, this finely milled delight has a delicate texture perfect for a variety of soft pastries.

Whole Wheat Graham Flour

Nutritious, versatile and the baker’s flour of choice for whole wheat muffins, graham crackers or adding distinct flavor to whole grain breads. Since the wheat berry’s natural elements all stay, the finished pastry has all of the nutritional benefits of whole wheat.

Soft Wheat Bran

Need an immediate health kick? Add in Birkett’s Soft Wheat Bran to any baked good or meal. Wheat bran is the outer skin of wheat and is high in dietary fiber. Bakers love it for its versatility, nutritional boost and ease of use.

Custom Milling Options

Are you a bakery, restaurant, or other commercial business that needs something specific? We have options! Below are the standard milling options, but if you need different let us know. Our millers love a good challenge.

Conventional or USDA Certified Organic Enriched or Natural 50 lb. Bags, 2K lb. Totes, Bulk Tankers