Since 1797

Rich in history with humble roots, The Birkett Mills has been milling specialty grains in the Finger Lakes region of New York since 1797. It is one of largest buckwheat manufacturers in the world, and also is a New York Grown & Certified soft red wheat flour manufacturer.

Facts & Figures to Know
  • The Birkett Mills is a locally-owned small business, with just under 50 employees
  • It’s one of the largest buckwheat manufacturers in the world
  • In 2021, The Birkett Mills soft red wheat specialty flours officially became New York Grown & Certified, working with the state of New York and Hemdale Farms
  • The Birkett Mills acquired the Wolff’s trademark in 1911, and has been selling Wolff’s products since the 1930’s after the Wolff’s mill in Paterson, N.J. burned down
  • In 1823, the mill in Penn Yan, NY  burned down; today’s mill has been in use since 1824
  • The Birkett Mills has worked with family farmers across North America for generations
  • All of its buckwheat products are made using traditional stone-grinding techniques, a practice that has been around since the Neolithic and Upper Paleolithic people to grind grains, nuts, rhizomes and other vegetables
  • Organic products are certified by NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC
  • All products are all milled in a certified food safe facility
  • You can find The Birkett Mills retail brands Wolff’s and USDA Certified Organic Pocono in grocery stores and supermarkets in all 50 states
  • On September 27, 1987 the company made history by setting a Guinness Book of World Record for the largest pancake ever made at the Annual Buckwheat Harvest Festival, a record that has since been bested (but let’s not talk about that)
  • The original 28′ griddle used to flip the record-breaking pancake is proudly displayed on the mill and is one of the most sought after photo ops in the Finger Lakes
Historic Photos & Videos

All photos have been provided by The Birkett Mills and the Yates County History Center.