We’re focused on creating a sustainable product through every step of the food supply chain. Buckwheat stands out as an earth-friendly, sustainable crop with several benefits to the soil, water, and more!

  • Buckwheat extracts phosphorous and adds key nutrients to the soil

  • Buckwheat is a short season crop and can be used as a late plant alternative where regular crops have failed

  • Buckwheat survives in harsh weather conditions, including the cold

  • Buckwheat thrives relatively poorly drained or infertile soils better than most grains

  • Every part of the buckwheat seed is used, even the outer hull can be used for fertilizer products or animal feed

  • Buckwheat flowers attract honeybees and other pollinators, and supports healthy populations of other beneficial insects

  • Fast germination makes buckwheat a top choice for weed control

  • Growing buckwheat requires minimal inputs like fertilizer, and no pesticides