Side Dishes: Instant Pot Buckwheat Groats

A new technique for cooking buckwheat!

Serves: 2


This original technique and recipe was provided by Maddie at Let's Eat Plants!

For this recipe, you'll want whole buckwheat groats. If you're looking to use products from The Birkett Mills, you can use USDA Organic Pocono Whole Buckwheat Groats or Wolff's Whole Buckwheat Groats


  1. Rinse buckwheat until water runs clear.
  2. Use 1:1.75 buckwheat to water ratio (i.e. 2 cups buckwheat would require 3.5 cups water)
  3. Manual (high pressure) for 5-6 mins (6 mins for a softer, creamier texture)
  4. Natural pressure release for 10 mins, then release any remaining pressure by turning nozzle to "venting" position
  5. Enjoy!