Quick And Easy

Cleveland Cake

Easy, fast, vegan and delicious!

Buckwheat Pesto

A new twist on everyone's favorite topping

Instant Pot Buckwheat Groats

A new technique for cooking buckwheat!

Chicken Santa Fe

Santa Fe style chicken that will bring a little spice to your life!

Spicy Sausage Kasha Bake

Easy to make spicy sausage and kasha casserole

1-2-3 Sunshine Orange Pudding

Cream of buckwheat goes beyond breakfast cereal.

Keuka Sunrise

Original recipe by Antler Run Distlling!

Buckwheat and Chia Seed Pudding

Original recipe: Stephanie (@bystephdiana/Instagram)

Classic Cream of Buckwheat

A breakfast that warms the soul!

Melissa’s Banana and Buckwheat Pancakes

Passed down from mother to daughter while baking on Avenue V in Brooklyn, New York.