Since 1797, The Birkett Mills has focused on milling simple, healthy ingredients sourced from family farmers we’ve worked with for generations! We use traditional stone-grinding techniques to create a variety of delicious products all from the heart of buckwheat.

Specialty Wheat Flour

At The Birkett Mills, we want to make sure your kitchen is stocked with the specialty flours you need to get the job done. It all starts with what grows in the soil. Our high quality, soft red winter wheat is sourced from family farms across New York, many that we’ve worked with for generations. Once it’s at the mill, we tap into 220 years of custom milling experience to produce delicious, unique specialty flours. We have three specialty wheat flours for you to enjoy, including Pastry, Cake, and Whole Wheat Graham!

Pancake Mixes

There's nothing better than delicious, easy to make pancakes that the entire family can enjoy. Our three pancake mixes are: Buckwheat Pancake Mix, Buttermilk Pancake Mix and Gluten-Free Pancake Mix. Start your morning with hot pancakes topped with fruit, maple syrup, chocolate chips or whatever your heart desires! You can add toppings right into the batter if you'd like, or top once you're done making. Every pancake mixes features stone-ground buckwheat flour, made from grinding down whole grain buckwheat groats, a specialty of ours since 1797. It's the same mix that was used to create the Guinness Book of World Records largest pancake back in 1987!


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